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In OSA Summer Camp, your child will engage in inquiry-based learning with critical thinking around a central question to frame their learning theme. They will answer this central question for themselves, discovering and learning through a series of guided discussions, experiments, and hands-on activities over the entire learning period.

Technology Class


Your child will learn computational thinking, algorithms, app development, and how the internet works. The primary grade students will learn the fundamentals of computer science and create their own drawings and games. The upper-grade students will learn the basics of computer science and create their own art, stories, and games, then go further with algorithms, nested loops, conditionals, and more.

Kids robot


Your child will learn the principles of engineering design by building and programming a robot through teamwork. Your child will experience a rich foundation in engineering, computer science, design thinking, and logical reasoning in the OSA summer camp.

Art and Music

Your child will engage in art learning bound up with movement, dance and speech, playing percussion instruments, and more. Your child will also have the free space to inspire and activate creativity, and their design thinking using a variety of art and craft materials. 

Sorry Board Game


Your child will polish his/her math skills through playing math games. Math games are a playful way for young children to engage in foundational math thinking. Upper grade students will also polish their math skills through planing math games using cards.

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