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About Us


Optimus STEAM Academy (OSA) Summer Camp is part of Confucius Chinese Langauge School (CCLS) of Walnut and Diamond Bar, founded in 1989. In 1993 CCLS established a California nonprofit public benefit corporation established. 

CCLS has taken a leading role to promote, propagate and perpetuate Chinese language and culture teaching and learning in Southern California communities for over 33 years. 

The OSA Summer Camp is founded by a group of passionate educators who are dedicated to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics education. With the newly founded OSA Summer Camp, students learn by doing hands-on simulations and have opportunities to use the Mandarin and English language to learn the STEAM content. 

Happy Twins

OSA Summer Camp Curriculum

  • The 3-week OSA Summers Camp is designed for three different learning themes throughout the three weeks period. Students can choose to sign up week to week. The learning themes are Incredible Insects, Sea Animals Around the World, and Discovering Planet Animals Past and Present. 

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